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While I like to describe myself as a textual sledgehammer of persuasion it doesn’t quite cut to the point. You see, hammers don’t cut very well.

I’m a copywriter. My goal is to improve your sales with my good writing. You want to give your customers the three “big E’s.”

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Engagement

Educate them about your services and products.

Entertain them with content that is easy to read and digest.

Engage them with relevant subjects - meet your clients where they are.


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Sizzle Force Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing Campaign

“When our internal team gets too swamped, Dustin is one of the first copywriters we call. In addition to being an outstanding copywriter, he always gets jobs done on time and on budget. Highly recommend"!”

- Stephanie Nivinsku, SizzleForce Marketing Founder & CEO

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